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Florence Cultural Events And Accommodation Tips

The event, which this year celebrates its 16th anniversary, is a three-day artisan fair but it isn’t just a fair. It is an open-air workshop where it is possible to closely observe the hard and fascinating artisan’s works and discover their technical and artistic skills. The fair will take place in the charming garden of Corsini Palace (Palazzo Corsini). This Palace is one of the outstanding examples of Italian Renaissance garden, designed by Gherardo Silvani at the end of XVI century. 

During the fair traditional artisans from all over Europe will show off their works to the international public gathering from all Europe proving their skills and competences. The fair gives us the unique opportunity to discover all the secrets of traditional works. An amazing and fascinating moment also for the youngest! If you wish to get more info visit the official web site which unfortunately is available only in Italian. 

If you are planning to visit the Tuscan city in May, maybe you will be happy to know that another interesting event is The Fabbrica Europa Festival takes place in Florence from May 3 to 22. The Festival aims to encourage the circulation of ideas and works in the contest of international exchange creating new relationship among European people trough laboratories and meeting spaces.

The festival has grown in notoriety in the past few year. The focus of 2008 edition is the relation with Africa culture. Europe is more and more a destination for African immigration and it is changing European identity. The Fabbrica Europa Festival aims to make an analyses of this change trough arts. The festival is a gathering of ideas and it is aimed to European and African artists, producers and researchers. In the network of festival will take place performance of every kind of art from theatre to dance, from music to visual art performances but also meetings and debates. The performances are held in many Florence’s venues such as Leopolda Station, Affollamento Theatre, Officina Giovanni Prato and many others.

All information about the performances, the tickets sale, and the complete program is available in: Fabbrica Europa Website.

If you are visiting Florence and you are on a budget and looking for cheap accommodation consider youth hostels, backpackers hostels or international students houses ( hostels as well) where a bed night average price start from 18 euros. The atmosphere is quite basic but somehow fascinating. Florence does not have a long tradition in modern hippie youth hostels as you might find in other top cities. Florence rather can offer old style hostels, kind of student residence, or pilgrim residence as it was in Medieval times. Monasteries are converted in new pilgrims youth hostels (backpackers, students, international volunteers) sometimes still run by nuns or monks. You can try out these ones: hostel Veneto right behind the Dome, Soggiorno Prestipino Hostel near to the Santa Maria Novella railway station, the Armonia Hostel or the renowned Camping Michelangelo just a throw form the centre.

But if you wish to experience a traditional accommodations in Florence you should try cheap lodging like B&B, residences or guest houses that spread all over. Especially downtown Florence Bandb (or bed and breakfast) have a superb view, and location and offer very good prices related to the quality. Try out the Abatjour B&B close to the train station but in a quite area, Soggiorno Primavera, the new age BB Cinque Sensi, Althea rooms B&B where flowers are a must in the room, hotel Palazzuolo, hotel Castri which is set in a Renascent villa with a marvellous park , hotel Guelfa run by young people, il Ghiro guest house, Cimarosa Armony BB, a Casa di Dante BB, bb tourist house, a Montebello BB very charming and clean. The prices range from 25 euros per person up to maximum 45 euros per person. There are also studios and apartments or upper scale hotels where you start form 50 euros per person per night at the Gemini Studio, Alex house, Leopolda hotel, hotel Autopark, hotel Erina, Alamanni Hotel, Hotel Beatrice, Goldoni hotel. This prices are for a night stay in May during the festivals and the events we have reported. They are subject to changing but in general they include breakfast, linen and towels.

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Romanian Tour

Planning a vacation? Well Romania is “the” place to be…it is the most diverse country in terms of climate, terrain, flora and fauna; snow capped mountains and a sultry coastline- you can ski on snow or on water! 

It is located in southeastern Europe. Romania is surrounded by Ukraine to the north, Hungary to its north west, Moldova to the north east and Bulgaria in the south. The famous river Danube flows through Romania from the northwest to the east into the equally famous black sea after forming a picturesque delta- the famous Danube delta! 

Romanians are known to be very friendly and hospitable people. The national language is Romanian and others include Hungarian and German. Most Romanians can also communicate fluently in English. 

How to get to Romania?

If you are in Europe you can get to Romania by train, road or a sea cruise!

If you are in another part of the world then the most convenient airline is the AUSTRIAN. For the flight details, you can either visit an international travel agent in your area or book your tickets online the latter is preferable if you want to move about and discover the place on your own and of course if you have done it on previous vacations to other places. You can opt for a tour package if you are not too sure of going on your own.

Places to stay once you are there: 

Why not try the 4 Star Hotel Europa in Eforie Nord. Situated in a dramatic setting overlooking the bay in the scenic Efories Nord. 

Or perhaps spend your holiday at the 3 Star Vox Maris Club Resort Hotel an ideal short haul summer destination. In Costinesti the Vox Maris is a self-contained club resort and is a perfect location to enjoy the Black Sea. 

Or finally why not stay at the excellent value Raluca Hotel in the beautiful Black sea beach resort of Venus. 

Looking for leisure?

The beaches along the black sea coast of Romania are your best bet. Romania has a 225 miles stretch of the most beautiful pristine white sandy beaches dotted with hotels and natural spas. The lakes and rivers of the Danube delta are another place for leisure and for the romantic at heart!

For the history enthusiast

There are a number of ancient castles and fortresses and still intact medieval towns for the history buff to visit. The most famous castles are Peles castle, Bran castle, Corvinesti castle and the Royal Palace Bucharest. Among the best preserved medieval towns are Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara. One of Sighisoara’s most famous attractions is the Clock Tower also known as Council Tower built in the 14th Century; another famous attraction is Vlad the Impaler or Dracula House. The painted monasteries are another very interesting must see place in Romania!

Looking for Natural Therapeutic Remedies?

Spas are said to have been started by the Romans and Romania is home to a third of Europe’s mineral and thermal springs. Romania’s main spas are located at Mangalia, Neptun, Eforie Nord, Covasna, Slanic Moldova, Vatra Dornei, Borsec, Sovata, Tusnad, Calimanesti, Govora, Herculane, Buzias and Baile Felix. 

Given Romania’s diverse terrain, climate, flora, and fauna you can choose from a number of activities such as Bird watching, camping, cycling tours, fishing, golf, hiking, horseback riding, rafting, skiing.

Travel Tour Of The World

When it comes to a lot of destinations, you will be able to go to many places and find a tour guide to show you all of the highlights, but at the same time, you can save some money and explore the area yourself. You will find that when you take a bus tour or any other type of guided tour you will be able to really enjoy yourself. First, you know that you are safe in the area, because safety comes in numbers, but you will also be able to see everything. With a guided tour, you won’t miss a beat. You will find that you can also make a plan for your trip and stay on time and target when you take a guided tour. They are times and usually close to the proximate guess. You will be able to plan what sites that you would like to see and you’ll also get to see more when you take the tour. You will find that the tours will also bring up interesting facts about the area that you may not know of. 

When it comes to your favorite spots, you will find that you can make a lot of your own memories, but you will also find that it can be crowed with tourists. You will find that if you take the time to discover the town or city on your own, you will be able to go at your own pace and you’ll also be able to stop and go whenever you need to. You will also be able to take more time to pay close attention to the things that you really enjoy. You may not be able to get as much out of a guided tour, but either way you are going to learn more about the area. 

If you aren’t going solo on a trip, you will want to check out some of the tickets that you can get for the local attractions. You will find that that there are many museums and attractions that you can get the tickets ordered and paid for before you even leave for your excursion. 

You will find that there are many places in the area that are worth taking a guided tour for. You will have the choice of taking these tours with a group or even by yourself. You will find that these guided tours of historic monuments will allow you to find out some interesting facts, and you’ll also be able to take the time to enjoy the tours without having to worry about going off by yourself. There are lots of people who prefer to just be with a group for the fact that there is safety in numbers. 

Basically when it comes down to go on a guided tour or tour it yourself it will depend on your personality and the area or place that you are viewing. There are plenty of things that you will want to get a guided tour of, but then there are just certain things that you need to be by you and explore. You will find that there are plenty of things that you can enjoy in the world in a group and also by yourself. The choice is completely up to you, but you will have to keep in mind that there are places that you can find trouble and it’s just best to stick with the group, however, there are times when you really don’t need a group (especially when it comes to museums and displays).

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Jasa SEO Terbaik

Jasa SEO | ada banyak yang memberikan jasa SEO di Indonesia, adan bisa dengan mudah menemukannya di internet. beberapa diantaranya ada yang emmberikan harga premium dan sebagian lagi ada yang menawarkan dengan harga murah meriah. penting diingat bahwa dalam hukum ekonomi ada satu teori yang bsersifat absolut, ada harga ada kualitas. ini yang perlu kita cermati, ketika kita mencari harga yang super mudah (dan terkadang tidak masuk akal) baisanya akan bertemu dengan resiko, semisal kualitas yang tidak sesuai dengan yang kita inginkan.

Jadi ketika anda mencari Jasa SEO yang pertama anda harus perhatikan adalah kualistas serta profesionalismenya, baru setelah itu anda nego untuk emndapatkan harga terbaik untuk pelayanan yang maksimal.

HUBUNGI : atau SMS 082 114 061 099

Jika anda sedang mencari Jasa Seo untuk membantu mengoptimasi situs anda silahkan hubungi kami di email atau SMS 082 114 061 099. kami akan bantu anda untuk mandapatkan solusi terbaik dalam mengoptimsi situs anda dengan tujuan akhir meningkatkan pencitraan usaha atau nilai penjualan produk anda.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization (Optimasi Mesin Pencari). secara harfiah memiliki pengertian : Cara / Teknik untuk mengoptimasi mesin pencari atau serangkaian proses yang dilakukan secara sistematis yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan volume dan kualitas trafik kunjungan melalui mesin pencari (seperti Google) menuju situs web tertentu dengan memanfaatkan mekanisme kerja atau algoritma mesin pencari tersebut.

Tujuan dari SEO adalah menempatkan sebuah situs web pada posisi teratas, atau setidaknya halaman pertama hasil pencarian berdasarkan kata kunci tertentu yang ditargetkan. Secara logis, situs web yang menempati posisi teratas pada hasil pencarian memiliki peluang lebih besar untuk mendapatkan pengunjung.

Jadi jika anda kebetulan tidak memiliki waktu untuk melakukan optimasi sendiri atau tidak ada staff untuk mengerjakan optimasi SEO, anda bisa menyewa Jasa SEO kami untuk membantu anda melakukan optimasi terhadap situs bisnis anda.

Manfaat SEO, Sebuah optimasi SEO yang sukses akan mendatangkan manfaat yang sangat banyak, namun tujuan utamanya yaitu:
  1. Meningkatkan kunjungan web dari mesin mencari
  2. Meningkatkan Brand Awarness.
  3. Meningkatkan peluang transaksi / penjualan produk atau jasa kita.
  4. Menjaga eksistensi serta kelangsungan usaha.
  5. Meningkatkan penjualan secara online.
  6. Secara umum SEO akan menaikkan peluang usaha, karena 85% web yang populer, kunjungannya berasal dari pencarian terhadap kata kunci tertentu di Search Engine.
Sudah banyak klien yang saya tangani dan menempatkan posisi situs mereka di halaman pertama hasil pencarian berdasarkan kata kunci yang ditargetkan sehingga bisa meningkatkan popularitas situs dan juga traffik kunjungan dari visitor yang potensial.

Silahkan bagi anda yang ingin menggunakan Jasa SEO kami bisa langsung menghubungi langsung ke : email atau SMS 082 114 061 099

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Paket Tour Eropa

Kali ini Paket tour eropa sudah dapat menjadi solusi anda untuk pergi berlibur. Dengan menggunakan paket tersebut maka anda akan lebih hemat, sebab paket tersebut menawarkan harga yang cukup murah dan sangat terjangkau. Di Eropa anda dapat mengunjungi beberapa kota seperti London, Roma, Florence, Venice, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Mainz, dan pulang lewat Frankfurt. Kota – kota tersebut merupakan sebuah tempat yang sangat menarik dan wajib di kunjungi, sebab kota – kota tersebut memiliki nilai – nilai sejarah, di samping itu kota – kota tersebut juga merupakan sebuah kota yang memiliki keindahan di bandingkan dengann kota – kota lain di dunia.

Perjalanan ke Eropa ini dirancang dengan menggunakan bantuan tour atau travel, jadi semua urusan sudah di tanggung oleh paket tour eropa. Perlu di ingat banyak negara dengan banyak alat transport tentu saja memerlukan cukup banyak usaha dan tenaga, sehingga sangat cocok untuk keluarga yang membawa anak kecil atau manula.  Dengan menggunakan Paket tour eropa, amak anda tidak perlu cemas lagi, sebab jika anda melakukan tour liburan sendiri, maka anda akan lebih bingung untuk menemukan tempat – tempat menarik, sedangkan jika anda menggunakan paket tour , maka perjalanan anda akan lebih mudah., dan anda tidak perlu repot – repot untuk membaca peta.

paket tour eropa, dwidaya tour and travel

Melakukan perjalanan berlibur sendiri memang lebih susah, terutama bagi anda yang belum pernah jalan sendiri ke negara seperti Inggris, Perancis, Italia, Belanda, Jerman, dan lainnya. Oleh sebab itu sebaiknya anda memilih Paket cruise atau Paket tour eropa yang dapat memudahkan perjalanan berlibur anda. Di samping itu, bagi Anda yang senang travelling dan wisata tapi tidak mau repot, ikut tour memang menjadi  pilihan tepat yang aman, dan lebih mudah untuk menikmati keindahan negara eropa.

Mengikuti tour memang lebih murah dibanding kan harus melakukan perjalan sendiri, selain itu perjalanan berlibur anda akan lebih nyaman dan sangat mudah untuk mengunjungi kota – kota tertentu di eropa. Meskipun jika menggunakan tour  anda tidak dapat bebas jam berapa bangun pagi, dan kapan mau tidur malam, dan biasanya mengikuti tour lebih melelahkan karena checkin hotel malam jam 10, besoknya bangun jam 6 pagi, sarapan dan jalan lagi. Namun, dengan menggunakan tour anda tidak perlu repot – repot untuk mencari tempat – tempat yang harus anda kunjungi, oleh karena itu Paket tour eropa pilihan terbaik liburan anda.